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Message by Secretary

Adolescence is a very tender phase of a child's life . Children themselves enter into the environment to expose. Therefore, it is very important for us as their parents, guardian and teacher to provide children with the best and a healthy atmosphere both at home and in school. They all need from us a little bit of ethical guidance and they will follow the right path themselves.

I hope that B.D. Global Academy will provide a perfect platform to teachers and budding students to try their hands at creative writing in areas of individual concern and sharpening their skills. It is said that:

"Either write something worth reading


do something worth writing"

I believe that every child inherits some special qualities. Thus, aiming high expectations from B.D. Global Academy, Aksara-Basti we have a vision and work assiduously towards fulfilling that vision. B.D. Global Academy must not only excel in academics but have a strong moral character and invincible leaders of tomorrow.

“Be humble make every moment count

And inspire your highest potential”

A.P. Chaudhary