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Academic Rules


  • Regular attendance is an important condition for a good performance A Prior written application for leave must be submitted well in advance.
  • 80% attendance is compulsory for the child to be eligible for appearing in the exams.
  • The name of the student who remains absent for 10 days without information shall be struck off the roll call. For Re-admission a Re-admission fee of Rs 300/- will be charged.
  • Every student must be present on the reopening day after each vacation.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours.
  • All requests regarding absence or/ate-coming should be made in the school.


  • Class Work includes oral and written work. Class tests will be conducted on regular intervals & are taken into consideration for promotion to the next class 
  • Home Work in all the subjects is given everyday in all the classes. Guardians are requested to see that the child completes the home work regularly and must sign the home work diary every day.


  • In order to make learning stress free in the early years of childhood, their performance will be continuously assessed through class tests and worksheets in each academic year.


  • Pass marks in each subject is 40%.
  • Grades are given based on a child's performance in various curricular and co-amicular activities.
  • Decision regarding promotion win be based on the overall performance of the child throughout the year and in the exams/tests.
  • In any ease, medical certificate is not : a guarantee for promotion to the next class. If a student fails to appear in a part or whole of the examination,he should secure the required marks in the other examinations held during the year.
  • The decision of the Principal regarding promotions is final.


  • Examinations in each academic session will be held as following
    • September/December Half Yearly Examination
    • February/March Annual Examination
  • In addition to these, Unit Tests are also conducted. Details will be sent through the school calendar.
  • MCQ Exams are also conducted every year to enhance the power of reasoning in the students.
  • Marks obtained in the tests will be included in the Grand Total of the examination.
  • If a student remains absent in any test/examination, he/she will not be re-examined.
  • Students using unfair means in the tests/examinations will be duly punished.


  • The children's progress report is shown/given to the guardians during the Parent Teacher Meeting usually held on a second Saturday or any other fixed date after every Examination.
  • Parents are requested to rolled the monthly report of their ward on the dates referred to. The report card after being signed by the parents must be returned to the class Teacher within three working days. It will be given finally after Annual Examination results.


  • To bring about co-ordination between the parents and teachers, regular Parent Teacher Meeting are organized Orientation programs are also organized to bring harmony between the parents and teachers. Parents are requested to attend the Parent-Teacher meeting regularly to keep themselves aware of their ward's progress.
  • Parents are requested to check their ward's School Diary every day and ensure that the work assigned is duly completed. Remarks made in the diaries should also be acknowledged and countersigned regularly.
  • Parents should take proper note of all the circulars and information sent to them from time to time.
  • Parents are requested to participate actively & regularly in all school activities.
  • No sick child should be sent to school with the medicines to be taken during school hours.
  • Parents are requested to inform the school immediately in case there is any change in their address or Phone number.
  • All applications must be signed by the parents.
  • Parents are requested to acquaint themselves fully with the school's rules and regulations and abide by them. They are further requested to maintain a cordial behavior with the staff.
  • A student may be rusticated if desired cooperation is not extended by the parents.
  • The parents/guardians should comply with the rules and regulations laid by the school and cooperate with the school for the welfare of their children.